Privacy Policy

Pioneer International Latin America, S.A. respects and is committed to maintaining the privacy of any information provided by its customers. This document describes the full extent of the practices of Pioneer International Latin America, S.A. in relation to the collection and disclosure of any personal information collected from its customers.


Pioneer International Latin America, S.A. will herein also be referred to by any of the following: "Pioneer", "we", "our" and "us".


Your use of or any other information collection method we may employ implies your agreement and acceptance of the clauses set-forth in the statements below. If, for any reason, you are not in accordance with said clauses we request that you do not submit any personal information to us.




We may request your information when you participate in any of the following or similar activities online, in person, or in writing:

  • Send an email inquiry through our website
  • Register to receive news and event information
  • Register for a contest sponsored by Pioneer
  • Respond to a market research survey

Pioneer will only collect personal information from you when it is necessary for the completion of any services it offers you.


The type of personal data we collect will generally include your name, gender, email address, location and other contact information.


Pioneer will attempt to collect your personal information directly from you. However, in certain situations it may not be possible to do this and we may collect information about you from third parties such as retailers that sell our products, independent contractors or other third parties that may provide you with services on our behalf.


It is not our policy to collect sensitive information about you. However, in the event that we are required to do so, we will collect this information with the utmost discretion.




Your personal details are safeguarded under this privacy policy. All information collected by Pioneer will be used, unless otherwise consented to by you, solely for the purposes of:

  • Identifying you and assisting you with the use or purchase of our products, services, or other offers
  • Managing and administering the products and services we may offer
  • Soliciting your participation in optional customer surveys

Pioneer may also do the following:

  • Submit your information to our professional advisers, such as auditors and lawyers or to government, regulatory or other agencies as may be required by law
  • Disclose your information to various third parties, such as independent contractors, in the course of providing you with our offered services
  • Use the information for other purposes with your prior consent
  • Share your information with other sections or subsidiaries within the Pioneer Group

Pioneer will require that any of the aforementioned entities maintain the confidentiality of your personal information and that they use this information solely for the purpose of providing relevant services to you.


Pioneer assures that your personal information will not be divulged, save as set out in the above or any other manner detailed in this privacy policy.




Pioneer takes all reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is accurate, complete and up to date each time we collect or use it. If your personal information has changed or you become aware that information we hold about you is inaccurate or incomplete you may update it by clicking on the link at the bottom of any correspondence we send you. You will be required to verify your identity in a reasonable manner when adding, modifying, or deleting your information in our records. If you experience difficulty with this process please contact us via our website.


While information is being sought from you for the sole purpose of providing service to you, you have the right to refuse to provide certain information. If you do not wish to provide all of the information requested from you, you waive your right to receive the full extent of services or offers that would otherwise be available to you.


If you are not completely satisfied with anything which is set out in this document, you are entitled to either question these practices or lodge a complaint by contacting us via our website. We welcome any feedback from you to correct any inaccuracies.




Pioneer acknowledges the confidentiality of customer information.


Your personal information will therefore be stored in a secure data server. In order to maintain the security of your personal information and to protect it against unauthorized access, misuse or loss we ensure that only a limited number of authorized personnel are able to access your data.


Pioneer may engage the services of independent contractors to provide skilled personnel to discharge services to our customers. Appropriate arrangements would be made to prevent any unauthorized disclosure of personal information by such personnel. Any third party granted access to your personal information by Pioneer is required to use this information strictly for the services it provides to Pioneer.


Where Pioneer collects your personal information from third parties it will require that information be handled in accordance with and will take reasonable steps to ensure that you are aware of our privacy standards.




Links to external websites may be offered on our website for your convenience. Pioneer is not responsible for the privacy practices of any third party to which website links are available through Pioneer cannot be held liable for the content, policies and practices of such parties.


Pioneer reserves the right to modify its privacy practices at any time without notice to its customers. Any such changes will be posted on the website as they become effective. We encourage you to monitor this page regularly so that you are aware of how any changes may affect you.


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