Pioneer ultimate technology will turn the Motor Car Music Show 2017 on

January 16, 2017

The Japanese brand will unveil all its power at the Motor Car Show in Bogota, Colombia, this weekend


In Bogota, Pioneer will display the state of the art in car audio and entertainment technology showcasing its DEH-X1 and AVH-X2850BT receivers at the Motor Car Music Show 2017 to be held at Corferias Exhibition Center between January 26th and 29th.


“This year, we want to show our Club-Style illumination feature, available in our DEH-X1, DEH-X5, and MVH-X3 receivers; lights start pulsing to the beat of the music, change color and intensity, adding an extra level of entertainment for drivers and riders, delivering a colorful and different experience,” stated Jose Jaramillo, Marketing Manager, Pioneer International Latin America.


Receivers having this feature include a prism-cut rotary control that can be illuminated in the user’s choice of color creating a mood-enhancing unique dance club-like lighting effect. “With these models featuring MIXTRAX, you can have an exciting nonstop mixed music experience. A party inside the car,” said Jaramillo.


During the event, Pioneer will also make demonstrations with the AVH-X2850BT receiver, which features the functionality to use Waze, guiding users with greater accuracy and safety. “Now everyone may go wherever they want and with great comfort without watching their mobile phone screens,” Jaramillo said.


Other models to be displayed, such as AVH-X8850BT, support AppRadioMODE, AppRadioLIVE, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and provide full connectivity. They maximize in-car entertainment with FLAC files and Spotify either with this model or with the rest of the Audio and Video line.


MCM Show 2017, inspired by the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, will offer music and extreme sports events allowing visitors to go through experiences of high adrenaline and full of emotion in a single place.



“Once again, Pioneer is present in Bogota. Traditionally, the Colombian market, best known for its festive spirit, has been a great consumer of the car audio line and our products. This market has always sought the latest technologies and it is very important for us,” Jaramillo pointed out.


Pioneer Electronics was established in 1938 by Nozomu Matsumoto - a man with a passion for music that he hoped to share with the world through high quality audio speakers. While Pioneer has grown to international stature as a manufacturer of state of the art audio and video products, our passion remains the same: creating an unbeatable entertainment experience.

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