January 4, 2017

This year, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017, Pioneer showcases key technologies for the vehicles of yesterday, today and tomorrow – including innovations in both aftermarket and automotive OEM technologies. Featured in the booth is Pioneer’s full line of aftermarket products that offer connectivity and audio solutions to upgrade practically any vehicle, from the classic cars of yesterday to modern automobiles. The company continues its automotive industry leadership by revealing its vision for tomorrow, unveiling technologies for the future of driving designed to be integrated into vehicles supporting both autonomous and piloted driving modes. Demonstrations include Pioneer’s Advanced UX Cockpit for highly automated driving, Laser Head-up Display (HUD), and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) system for vehicles.


“Autonomous driving is no longer a future concept, it’s reality.  Pioneer plays a pivotal role in this evolution of the automated vehicle because we continue to provide first-to-market solutions for both our aftermarket and OEM partners. At this year’s show, we are highlighting not only technologies that help make automated vehicles viable, but also those created to make every drive an enjoyable entertainment experience,” said Russ Johnston, executive vice president of marketing and corporate communications for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.


The industry predicts that within the next eight to 10 years, vehicles with highly automated driving systems will populate the highways. At CES 2016, Pioneer showcased its assisted driving system with Contextual Awareness. For 2017, the company demonstrates its concept of the automated driving system, the critical next step necessary before automated SAE International Level 3 vehicles become a reality.1 Level 3 is defined as conditional automation of the operational (steering, braking, accelerating, monitoring the vehicle and the roadway) and tactical (responding to events, determining when to change lanes, turn, use signals, etc.) aspects of the driving task. One of the biggest technological challenges of Level 3 automation is creating a safe and reliable hand-off from automated driving to manual driving. At the booth Pioneer is demonstrating how its technologies can be integrated into an automated system that meets the challenges of Level 3 automation. Visitors will get a sense of what driving the car of the future may feel like. Technologies on display include:


  • Advanced UX Cockpit demonstration for automated driving           
    • Driver Monitoring System

The driver’s status must be monitored in order to determine if he or she is alert and capable of re-engaging with the vehicle and taking control of driving.  Pioneer’s Driver Monitoring System is designed to detect driver conditions with image status and recognition technology used to estimate attentiveness, drowsiness, tension and fatigue.

§  Facial Recognition Camera for condition and status of the driver

§  Heart Rate Monitor for condition and status of the driver

§  Steering Wheel Sensor

§  Seat Sensor

§  Seat Vibration to improve level of alertness  

    • Sensory UI

During highly automated driving conditions, the driver will not be required to monitor the vehicle’s status. However, the driver is expected to be available for occasional control but with a sufficiently comfortable transition time.  The Sensory UI demonstration promotes safe and reliable operation during the automated driving mode and the critical hand-off between automated driving and manual driving.  Pioneer’s Sensory UI incorporates the use of light, directional sound, intuitive touch and video for improvement of driver recognition and responsiveness to manual driving commands.

§  3D-AUI with AR (Audio/Sound)

§  Laser HUD / Driver Display (Video)

§  Dash LED (Light)

§  Active Feely (Touch)

§  Seat Vibration (Feel)

§  Fragrance UI (Smell)

    • Entertainment For Level 3 Automated Vehicle

Autonomous driving will also allow the driver to experience a second task and consume more information, with entertainment features and options playing a larger role.

§  Center Multimedia Display (Entertainment)

§  Sound and Aroma Generator (Relaxation)

§  Seat Vibration

§  Automated Seat Position Control


  • LiDAR:  Pioneer LiDAR 2nd Prototype and concepts of both Wide View LiDAR and Triple Telescopic LiDAR
  • Advanced Map Data Ecosystem
    • Collects dynamic environmental information from vehicles on the road and updates data automatically.
  • Head-up Display (HUD)



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